35,500 SQ.M.





40 Floors (140 Meters)


Sukhumvit 63, Bangkok

The concept design of the XT Ekkamai project related to sustainable energy and human comfort by elaborate wind force as a core idea not only form but also functional.  


For buildings, natural ventilation by wind is an effective measure to improve indoor air quality, provide thermal comfort and save energy.      occupants feel comfortable as they can feel wind flow across their body. For this reason, adequate air velocity in the occupied space is required.    Instead of rely mostly on air-conditioning, the idea of using natural ventilation design to provide thermal comfort presents a very interesting alternative.  


At common areas, natural ventilation is used by apply breathing technique.   Corridor, podium and top facilities have been designed to have air flow vents to allow cross-ventilation.      Significant wind form is at the top facility with a dynamic object.           


At residential units, on the other hand are only externally facing on one side.   This results in a one-sided opening, the application of a wing wall has been introduced to increase ventilation. The design team come up with series of wing walls that haven been placed randomly on building façade aim to direct wind from variable directions and velocity.        The protruding element is made of precast concrete, harmoniously the shade element contributes to the building elevations with a very unique and stylish characteristic façade.


With two-sided colors painted on the shade elements. On west side the tower offers a neutral color that well merger into the view from the city skyline, a reminder of been a member of Bangkok metropolitan city. Yet the opposite color view from the east provide a much more worm and welcoming atmosphere for the user and an intimate touch of the local vibrant life style.