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35,500 SQ.M.





40 Floors (140 Meters)


Sukhumvit 63, Bangkok

 Located on a narrow landplot in Ekkamai, near Bangkok CBD.  These 40-story residential building has been designed to reflect characteristics of millennial.  A self-confident, experiences identity, and ambitions have been described into shape, space, and color.  

Unit layout is intended to be small and simple. Incontrast, amenities area is generous and out loud floating as detach object above pool on top of the building. The facilities space have been designed to have air flow vents (Venturi effect) to direct air movement.  


The facility include Sky lounge with panoramic Curve glass for visual connection on both facilities floors, a 50 meters Lap pool with hot&cold jacuzzi and poolside theatre, digital gym, Virtual Exercise room, Meeting Hub, Co-Working,and Co-Playing space. The facility is a share system, resident can spend time socialize with others who live in the building and also people from other XT.


Wind flow is used not only for functional such as improve indoor air quality, provide thermal comfort, save energy, but also to shape the physical massing and façade.  Building floorplate have been design to have single load corridor at both ends to allow air flow.  Series of wing walls have been placed randomly on building façade aim to direct wind from variable directions and velocity in to the units.   This will solve ventilation issue on typical units that have only one side of room facing outside.  The protruding element is made of precast concrete with two-different colors on each side. On the west side the tower offers a neutral color that well blend into the city skyline.  The opposite on the east side provides a much more playful color to match the local vibrant life style of Ekkamai and welcoming atmosphere for the neigbhour.


Other interesting features of the project are at the parking building.  The building offer 266 parking spot with fully automatic system.  The rooftop is green pavilion and garden backyard encourage resident to grow their own vegetable.   Also well mention that there is no step at circulation and facilities according to Universal design guideline for every people as well as delivery bot to access.

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