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54,000 SQ.M.





53 Floors (192 Meters)


Petchaburi Rd, Bangkok

The design for  54,000 square meters of residential tower in Makkasan area begin with series of site and program analysis.  Due to the unique site condition and restricted zoning, the design have been agreed on simple and elegant form. 


The solution was a very efficient straight tower in the center.  Core had been located on the west to protect the Bangkok strong sunlight. Then by simply added cantilever bar on the north and south, allowed units at this location to be column-free.  Residence of these special units can appreciate 180-degree panoramic view of the city without any obstruction.  And to make space much more suitable to new life style, we introduce a foldable wall and furniture which will make the room space unique and multi-function.


Human comfort and safety is another issue that shapes our design.   Even through the building rise up nearly two hundred meters over ground with the extraordinary expect ratio of 1:11,  the design have passed the engineering check and wind tunnel test.  Residents can feel comfortable under effect from natural wind force.   Shallow unit with wide front allows daylight to illuminate the space. Insulate glazing unit with low energy have been choose to use at building facade.  On the West and South have sun shading device that can reduce the direct sunlight.  Combination of the above make the unit comfort at the same time remain maximum vision.


The Circle Prototype consists of fifty-two stories,  four hundred seventy resident units, facilities level which included open floor library, Kid area, A-class home theater, elevated infinity pool, 270 meters long running track, and Sky clubhouse locate at the top of the building detached from the tower make it floating - like experience.  It will be another best place to see Bangkok skyline.


Behind the scene, architects and design team use a new way of collaborative design process, Building information modeling (BIM), to maximize quality of the product and eliminates many errors.  The processes provide better products, less waste material which means reduce an environmental impact.  We hope this building will become one of the great example of residential tower and a timeless piece of architecture that last generations.

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