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Common Ground

The Kingdom of Thailand is located at the center of the  Indochina peninsula in Southeast Asia.  Because of the location and tropical climate, agriculture is the mainstay of Thai economy.  Starting in 1985, the country has experienced rapid economic growth and became a newly industrialized country.   Therefore agriculture has been experiencing a transition from labor intensive and transitional methods into a more industrialized and competitive sector.  A large percentage of people move from rural to the big city, Bangkok.     An experience about agriculture has been forgotten for city people.  


The lanchaleumphakiat project is about creating a plaza and public area located at the center of the old town.  The area is very diverse in term of culture, people, and landuse.  We chose to use  Step Rice field for the green area of the project to represent agriculture and remind city people about their originate. 


The rice field will change during the reason from just a step of water to green field and to golden look when it ready for harvesting.


Moreover, the project site is next to the royal field which is where The Royal Ploughing Ceremony take place before the start of the rainy season every year.    The idea is to use rice from the ceremony to grow at the project site, then harvest, and finally distribute to people.

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