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35,000 SQ.M.





45 Floors (175 Meters)


Thong Lo, Bangkok

The Monument form Sansiri is a hi-end product line located in a prime area of Bangkok, Thong Lo Street.  The district has become a more trendy residential area with a number of condominiums and services apartments being developed.  It is almost perfectly for city lifestyle living except so little green spaces; fortunately this project site is one of those few.


The story start with the impression of atmospheres from the site with full of shady green.   The  strategy is to keep the spirit of the site; the design will pay respect to the existing trees.  Even through unavoidable one has to be relocated to other spot within the site.   


The architect uses this opportunity to introduce an interesting piece of architectural/ sculptural element that metaphor from shading of existing trees.  Not only this standalone object has its function as shading to people at pedestrian level, but also serve as a link point from underground car parking spaces.  Moreover, it is part of facilities with a 25 meter length swimming pool on top that connects to the rest of sami-out door facility by sky bridges and continue all the way to a hidden green pocket on the other end of the project.


The sculptural qualities of modern architecture carry on to the tower- Pure Massing, no podium.     Because of its small footprint, the tower offers corner view for maximum visual and also cross ventilation for every unit.   Step to the design of unit, luxury is in space;  only maximum four units per floor,  wide front façade with vision grazing floor to under slab, private elevator, no corridor, and special for three-bedroom unit that have welcome hall and courtyard.    Natural material such as Wood and stone are material of choice to add worm welcome for resident and guest.  The tower is 175 meter with a nice ratio of 1: 10; the structure and façade design have passed wind tunnel analysis for safety.  When complete it is going to be the tallest architecture piece among others in Thong Lo area.

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