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4,630 SQ.M.





Wireless Rd, Bangkok

Kian Gwan Commercial Company has known for high-quality mailroom equipment in Thailand since 1932.  The company has grown over the past decades, therefore, more space was required; second office building has been built in front of the first one.  Around the year 2009, this additional building had a structure problem cause the building to be vacated for years.  After tried to reinforce many times, the owner decided to demolish this front building.


Instead of rebuilding a high-rise office building, the architect uses this opportunity to convince the client to a new approach, a welcome pavilion which is more open to the neighbor.  The new design took advantage of the site that has a major public park on the opposite side.  By making an open plaza that link the office with the surrounding. 


The new design is considered using the existing foundation.  The building consists of a meeting area, seminar rooms, shops, exhibition hall, and café.  All of which will be under one Floating roof that has a special geometry to reflect user activities down below for more dynamic feel.  Support programs have been layout to one side; leave the other free for public use.    The project will bring life to the street and encourage staff and visitor to spend more time outside.   The goal aims to improve both user health and mentally, and building in term of energy sustainably.

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