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PY Beachfront

Space within Structure

­­­These days we feel the world, including architectural, is moving faster with information and technology, with advanced tools, the concern is not on how do designer cope the speeds, but how do we limit them.


 At Quintrix , we use parametric design tool to close the gap between the technical possibilities and effective working knowledge of the design.   We keep the change at the skin level. Once the idea is crystallize, the back bone stay untouched to the end of the project. 


The beachfront project is one of those that experience many changes.  This stage of the project shows the best balance in term of architecture and structure before it has got interfere with other issues.


The project explored the possibility of cantilevering a volume, while at the same time employing a minimum number of primary elements.  By using two timber strips for each member with the capacity of elastic deformation they could be laminated together to act simultaneously in tension and compression to form a rigid structure.

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