This project shares the same identity with its sister project SKV49. The functional bespoke space from interior of the unit providing personalize life-style experience, yet the character continues to show throughout the façade expression. The double façade from inner gazing and outer sun shading panel not only provide perfect weather seal, visual and heat protection, but also aesthetically simplifiers the building.
The two buildings have been arranged on two end of the site, generating a maximum space for the courtyard. The green oasis allowing user to be hidden away from the busy urban life. The amenity and common areas are part of the centre courtyard, an extension from the podium block creating by layers of fillet-geometry to give a modernist look. To draw guest into the space of a ‘multi-level stage’ alike; a sense of form that invite people to meet, to socialize and to play.


20,000 SQ.M.


Under Construction


8 Floors


23 Meters


Ekkamai 10, Bangkok

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