9,144 SQ.M.



Winner Prize


Ratchawithi Island,

Victory Monument

The Victory Monument is the main public transit of Bangkok as well as a hangout place for working-class surrounded by glitzy shops and restaurants.  The chaos occurs because of multi usage with in a limited space. The problem can be solved with a very simple solution, organize with dedicate space for each task.


Bus :  The solution is to provide space for buses to queue, therefore they do not block the main traffic.  Also there are four Platforms divide by its route path for shorter and more organize:

Platform-A(18,28,108,515), Platform-B(542,539,536,538), Platform-C(12,14,92,171), Platform-D (8,97,157,509,R26E).

People : The design provide a predation level above the bus platform to separate other activity from queuing people.  There are four waiting areas for people who are not is hurry and would like to take a little rest.  People who wait in these area can see their bus coming physically and on the digital screen.  There is also the bypass for people to want to crossover to BTS and to the other side of the street.  Kiosks and restrooms are on this level.

The design is also concern about the quality and history of the place.  Canopies are for sun shading and add green pocket to the city,  people can go up by staircase to the roof level to enjoy the scenery of the monument and get to know more about the story of the place.

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